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Helping Yourself Heal During the Holiday Season

by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. Holidays are often difficult for anyone who has experienced the death of someone loved. Rather than being times of family togetherness, sharing and thanksgiving, holidays can bring feelings of sadness, loss and emptiness. Love Does Not End With Death Since love does not end with death, holidays [...]

November 5th, 2020|

Our Caregiver of The Month: Donna Backman

The role of a caregiver is never easily explained as it can involve so many dynamics in caring for others. This year with the pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, the dynamics of care giving have been affected as well. There is a caregiver at Charter Senior Living in Hermitage who has gone above [...]

September 25th, 2020|

Our April Caregiver of The Month: Sharon Morton

Congratulations to Sharon Morton of Preferred Care at Home for being nominated as our April Caregiver of the Month! She has been an outstanding caregiver for Preferred Care at Home since she began working for the company. Her clients love her compassion and understanding. They are proud to call her one of their shining caregivers. [...]

September 8th, 2020|

Our Caregiver of The Month: Pam Greer

Congratulations to Pam Greer for being nominated for our caregiver of the month award. Pam has worked for Preferred Care at Home since 2014, but recently retired in May. Pam has always been a stellar caregiver and will be missed greatly. She was recently interviewed her for an article that Lisa Barry wrote for the [...]

September 3rd, 2020|

Our Caregiver of The Month: Rachel Sircy

  We are so thankful for the many amazing caregivers in the middle Tennessee area. We recently received a nomination for a social worker from Highpoint Hospice, Rachel Sircy. Rachel is very caring and devoted to her “many” roles at Highpoint Hospice. She takes on difficult patient situations as an MSW (Master of Social Work) [...]

August 10th, 2020|

Our Caregiver of the Month: Dee Wigger

We are happy to announce a caregiver of the month recipient for 2020. Even though we have been unable to see a lot of the caregivers due to the virus, they have still been working hard taking care of so many this year! Dee Wigger of Caris Healthcare is an exceptional nurse. She is very [...]

August 3rd, 2020|

Ten Freedoms for Using Ceremony During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. If someone you love has died during the novel coronavirus pandemic, you have come to grief in an exceptionally challenging moment in history. You may have been separated from your loved one as they were dying. You may have been unable to view or spend time with the body after [...]

April 30th, 2020|

5 Ways You Can Still Support Someone Who Is Grieving

  Condolences in the Time of COVID-19 Guidance for Conveying Your Love and Support by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.   When someone dies—of COVID-19 or any cause—during this pandemic, their loved ones are being left to grieve in especially harrowing circumstances. They may not have been able to be by the dying person’s side in [...]

April 28th, 2020|

Grieving a Coronavirus Death: Help for Special Circumstances

by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.   If someone you love has died of the novel coronavirus, it is likely that you are facing a number of challenging circumstances. Grief is always difficult, but it is especially difficult whenever a death is sudden, unexpected, and unfolds in ways that violate our expectations and puts up barriers [...]

April 28th, 2020|

Best Funeral Home in Sumner County

Please vote us Best Funeral Home in the 2020 Main Street Awards - Best of Sumner. Voting starts on April 6th and runs through May 1st. You can vote hourly online at Gallatin News or Hendersonville Standard (under the services category). Thanks for your support! Voting Links

April 6th, 2020|