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Rick Applegate – Our Caregiver of the Month

We at Family Legacy are proud to present the Caregiver of the Month Award to Rick Applegate of The Hearth at Hendersonville. It is easy to see through the words of his nomination and in meeting Rick that he has and is still touching so many lives with his big heart and caring ways. "Rick [...]

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3 Tips for Coping With Grief During the Summer

Right now is when Tennessee has much to offer and nature is at its peak.  We all feel the need to be outdoors.  Being with family, taking traditional road trips, hiking and fishing are fun times associated with this time of year. However, if you are grieving it may feel like you have been left [...]

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Our April Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations to our April 2016 Caregiver of the Month, Boyd Nash! We were so pleased to be able to present the April Caregiver of the Month Award to Mr. Boyd Nash. Judging by his humble reaction right away, it was easy to see that he is a man that gives in any way he can [...]

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Our March Caregiver of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our March 2016 Caregiver of the Month, Tammy Bledsoe from Alive Hospice. We were able to surprise Tammy with this award and the reaction of her peers confirmed what an excellent example she is as a genuinely caring person and caregiver. Thank you for all you do Tammy! “Tammy went above [...]

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Our February Caregiver of the Month

Shawn Owen, Laurel Bowman, Mike Hamilton We are happy to announce our Caregiver of the Month winner for February 2016. Mrs. Laurel Bowman of Guardian Hospice. She is such a great example of being a compassionate Caregiver and so much more! Laurel was nominated by Ron Bottomley and he wrote: “Laurel is Executive Director of [...]

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Our January Caregiver of the Month

Alton Cantarutti is the winner of the January Caregiver of the Month Award, presented by Family Legacy. Alton was nominated by Rodney Edwards and the staff. Michell Price presents the award to Alton Cantarutti. “Mary Jo Cantarutti couldn’t have had a better son.” That’s how Alton Cantarutti’s wife, Ann, started our conversation. Caring for his [...]

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Vital ICE app

GALLATIN, TN – April 28, 2016 – Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation has kindly invested back into the community in order to promote saving lives.  Bill Gregory, Owner of Nashville-based Family Legacy recognized a unique opportunity to assist our local first responders through an initiative which could help save lives.  The Vital ICE [...]

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4 Tips for Coping with Stress

4 Tips for Coping with Stress The month of February calls for awareness about heart health and heart disease.  Managing stress in your life is good for your heart and for your emotional well-being.  The American Heart Association notes that “stress may affect behaviors and factors that increase heart disease risk.”  Here are 4 tips [...]

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4 Tips For Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season

We realize the holidays are a particularly difficult time for anyone who has lost a loved one.  Here are some grief support tips: Express Your Grief – The number one way you can ease your burden during this difficult time is to discuss your feelings of grief with others. This is an easy first step [...]

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